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International freight transport

 We are with you on the road since 1991. Since founded we have ensured the transport of goods to many European countries. The most common target destinations are Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Switzerland and France. We allow transport up to 26 tons with a maximum cargo height of 3 metres. We have a modern fleet which we upgrade regulary. Shipments are insured according to the CMR convention.

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The freight is realised through our own fleet at ahe moment which includes trilateral semi-trailers. To ensure smooth transport of goods we have introduced supervision of vehicles using GPS technology. Our customers always have an overview of their goods. That's how we can optimize the transport of goods due to the traffic problems. We offer extraction of vehicles for small carriers with attractive terms.

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Car Service + Tyre Service

We have been focusing on car and tyre service since 2008. We have managed to change plenty of tyres and eliminate many defects on cars and trucks since then. We change all types of tyres, motorbikes, cars, trucks and agrotyres. One of our highly trained employees will deal with all your enquires and requirements.

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Environmental protection is our number one priority

All our vehicles meet the strictest environmental standards and can be considered the main policy of our company in the field of environmental protection. We only operate environment friendly vehicles that meet the emission standard Euro 6. We always think of environmental protection and nature around us when transporting cargo.

  •  vehicles meet the strictest environmental standards
  • lower usage of fuel and vehicles with lower emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere
  • Regular fleet renewing

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Our company PROFIT TRANS s.r.o concentrate mainly on international cargo transport, shipping, car service and tyre service. The safety of transported goods, environmental protection and safisfied customers and employees are our most important priorities.

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Dolní Bohušice 877
Světlá nad Sázavou
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Sázavská 926
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Dolní Bohušice 877
582 91 Světlá nad Sázavou

mobil: +420 602 427 000

e-mail: nespor@profittrans.cz
www: www.profittrans.cz/


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