International transport

International freight has been established since 1999. But already in 1991 Mr. Josef Nespor started his own business in domestic goods transport at the time. In 1999 the company transformed to PROFIT TRANS s.r.o thanks to the succesful development in his business. Together with the transformation of the company it expanded to international freight.

The international transport is realised through our own fleet which we update regulary. All our trucks are trilatoral curtainsider semi-trailers. We are able to transport various types of cargo up to total weight of 26 tons for our customers. The maximum load height is limited by the height of the trailer which is 3 meters.

Our Priorities In International Freight

The main priorities of our company are satisfied customers and employees. Therefore we concentrate on reliability, accountability of our service and a personal approach. International freight requires smooth transportation. For this reason we have supplied our vehicles with GPS technology and that's how we can optimize the transport of goods due to traffic congestion. Our customers don't have to worry about the safety and security of transported goods. We have arranged cargo insurance for 7 million CZK for our customers.

All our vehiclec also meet the strictest environmental standards which can be considered the main policy of the company in the field of environmental protection. That's why our company only operates environment friendly vehicles meeting the emission standard Euro 6.

The most common target destinations in the international freight are Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Spain, Switzerland and France.

In 2008 we bought a new headquarters in Dolni Bohusice. In the same year we also expanded our business to tyre and car service and shipping.

Our Fleet


 We are expanding and renewing our fleet all the time. We want to ensure the maximum comfort for the goods transport and also for out employees. All our fleet meets the strict environmental standards Euro 6. Environmental protection is very important for us.